Testifying and mobilizing

Drawing on its extensive experience, legitimized by its actions with refugees and asylum seekers, the Primo Levi Centre alone or within networks leads advocacy and awareness actions on critical issues regarding torture victims seeking asylum in France.

Testify about the effects of torture and political violence

The association publishes the only journal dedicated to these specific topics, « Mémoires » (issued in French).

Every two years, a symposium is held and a publication is issued (both in French).

The centre communicates through the media in connection with the news.

Promote the development of appropriate care for victims of torture

The Primo Levi Centre is a member of ODSE (Observatoire pour le Droit à la Santé des Etrangers, Observatory on migrants’ right to health)

It is a member of the Network of European Treatment and Rehabilitation Centres for victims of torture.

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It is also a founding member of « Réséda », a French-speaking network of 9 care centres in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Algeria.
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Defend the right to asylum

The denial of the harm they suffered in their countries of origin and the fear of being deported back, considerably increase the suffering of the men, women and children who had to flee.
The precarious living conditions imposed on these people is a major obstacle to providing the health care they should get.
Witnessing the effects of the ever bigger difficulties in achieving official asylum, the association is committed to defending the right of asylum. Therefore, the association actively participates in the work and actions of the CFDA (Coordination française du droit d’asile, French Coordination for the right of asylum).

Since July 2010, the center has been a member of InfoMIE, a resource centre about foreign unaccompanied minors.