Without claiming to accomplish the impossible task of “curing” torture, the multidisciplinary team at the care centre works to bring a physical, mental and social wellbeing to their patients. In doing so, they can help victims of torture and political violence to live again - not just survive.

A multidisciplinary

care center

The Primo Levi care centre receives people who have suffered torture or political violence in their country of origin, who are now exiled and living in France, regardless of their administrative status.
The suggested approach is multidisciplinary, with respect for the patient own requests, his rhythm and the limits of his integration into his host society.



duration of treatment: 3 years

Patients benefit mainly from psychological support (71% of patients), followed closely by medical care (70% of patients). Half of our patients (54%) use the services of our social orkers. 67% of patients use the services of our lawyers.

A unique organization

Medical monitoring, psychotherapeutic work, social support and legal support all function as a dynamic system. Through this interaction, the centre can offer physical and mental treatment to victims of torture and political violence. Reception is seen as an integral part of care.
The Primo Levi Centre uses professional interpreters when necessary.
We have a team dedicated to the care of children and adolescents, particularly unaccompanied minors.

20% of our patients are minors.



In 2017: 6, 956 consultations

391 patients in care. 46 countries of origin (over 90 since the creation of the Centre).