Seeking help at the Care Centre

The Primo Levi Care Centre welcomes people who have been victims of torture and political violence in their country of origin, regardless of their administrative status in France. Our patients are adults, children and adolescents (with their families or alone).

Care is free . The clinic receives patients by appointment only. General practitioners, a physiotherapist and clinical psychologists (psychoanalysts) provide care for our patients, if necessary with the help of an interpreter.

Extended care is also offered: free social and legal support is provided to patients who have already been admitted in the care centre.
Professional interpreters help when the patient cannot speak French or one of the languages ​​spoken by the nursing staff. The care centre does not treat emergency situations: it is neither a hospital facility nor a psychiatric emergency unit.

The care centre is completely independent from the asylum administration. Accordingly, visiting the care centre is not a mandatory step in the course of seeking asylum. Our general practitioners are not intended to issue medical certificates attesting to the torture. The care centre will in no way guarantee that the patients will obtain political refugee status.

How to get admitted into the care centre ?

Our capacity is limited, so we are not able to accept all support requests. Before any request to see a doctor, please contact the centre by phone at (+33) 1 43 14 88 50.

/// Notice /// Our waiting list does not allow new requests at the moment. However, we remain at your disposal for information.

How can you contact us?

1. Call (+33) 1 43 14 88 50 (our hotline is available Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon from 14:00 to 17:00, GMT +01:00)

2. Check if we are able to accept new patients (this is dependent upon our waiting list)

3. If we are able to accept new patients, download, complete and send us the request form (written in French):